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Biological Chemistry 3

Biological Chemistry 3

Group Leader : Prof. Arne van der Gen, University of Leiden, NL ( )

Public : This test has been designed to evaluate a level of competence in biological chemistry equivalent to that of a person who has completed the core chemistry syllabus at University.

Duration : You may answer the questions in any order during 60 minutes.

Structure : The test consists of 30 questions covering the topics given below. It starts with 15 questions at the introductory level, followed by 10 questions at the intermediate level and finally 5 questions at the advanced level of difficulty.

  1. Biomolecules 1: macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates).
  2. Biomolecules 2: small molecules (building blocks, vitamins, hormones, prostaglandins, alkaloïds, antibiotics, terpenoids, flavonoids and gases).
  3. Reactions of biomolecules: mechanisms and functional groups, redox reactions, acid-bases reactions, Bioelements, metal/non-metal, trace and bulk elements.
  4. Biological environment:  water, pH.
  5. Chemical and physical factors: controlling bioelements and biomolecules.: selection, separation, recognition, chirality, solubility, membranes.
  6. Biocatalysis: enzymes.
  7. Bioenergetics: photosynthesis, citric acid cycle, fatty acid oxidations.
  8. Metabolism 1: anabolism (biosynthesis).
  9. Metabolism 2: catabolism (biodegradation).
  10. Bioanalysis: spectroscopy (n.m.r., fluorescence etc.) , diffraction, mass spectrometry, biomarkers, labelling.

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